About Us

About us

Our Objectives

Our objectives are to construct various forms of aviaries and associated buildings for the successful rehabilitation training and for the establishment of an avian hospital on the premises, to be maintained by volunteers, and part-time vet and vet nurse.

Our Values

  • To give the highest level of care for injured and displaced
    raptors by providing an avian hospital that includes an avian
    veterinarian and raptor care specialists.
  • For all rehabilitators to be extensively trained to care for
    and rehabilitate Raptors.
  • To adhere and follow the Biodiversity and Conservation Act and
    Biodiversity Conservation Regulations, set by the Department of
    Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions.
  • To assemble infrastructure, facilities and people that will
    encourage our vision & mission by seeking support from government
    (local, state & national) and non-government entities.
  • To interact and collaborate with other like-minded
    organisation as the environment of the raptors changes.

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