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    Here’s what you need to know about working with us.

    Volunteer Policy

    Volunteering is unpaid work specific to the Auzzie’s Raptor Rehabilitation Association (ARRA) and is viewed as a donation of time and skill to the organisation.


    • Volunteers are engaged by the organisation for a range of roles where a need is identified.
    • Roles will be given based on experience and capability.
    • Children can be involved in volunteering with the permission from parents.
    • ARRA has the right to cancel any volunteer application in the event of breaching its Policy.


    • ARRA provides volunteer insurance to protect volunteers during their volunteer work.
    • All volunteers MUST be registered as a volunteer of ARRA.
    • Pre existing medical conditions are not covered under insurance.


    • All birds and equipment remains the property of ARRA.

    Dress Code

    • Volunteers are expected to be suitably attired and groomed whilst representing ARRA in a volunteer capacity.
    • Volunteers are required to be wearing hats and sunscreen if working out doors.
    • Safety glasses or other eye protection is required when moving in the aviaries.
    • Closed in shoes, trousers or jeans and t-shirt and jumper suitable for the weather. No bright colours.
    • Shorts, singlet and/or thongs are not deemed appropriate attire and must not be worn in this environment.


    • The use of mobiles phones with working is prohibited.
    • Taking and using photos requires permission of management.
    • Volunteers shall not, use or divulge to any person, firm or company information that can cause loss or injure to ARRA. The restriction will  to continue to apply after volunteering has ceased.
    • ARRA is the sole owner of the IPR created or conceived by volunteers in the course of their engagement.


    • Specific ongoing training will be provided by ARRA.
    • No volunteer can handle birds or speak to the public, representing the company without training.