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Membership Options


Cost: $30
(Ordinary Member)


Cost: $55

Eligibility: Family consiting of 2 adults and 2 children.


Cost: $15

Eligibility: Provide a photo of your concession card.


Cost: $10
(Associate Member)
Eligibility: Under 18 years of age & parent permission.

All memberships give the opportunity to work at the ARRA site with the birds (after training) or in specific roles that suit the volunteers’ skills.

Some examples of work are:
– Maintain cleanliness of aviaries
– Prepare food for raptors
– Clean water bowls
– Keep garden tidy, reduce fire risk
– Maintenance of aviaries
– Care of birds in hospital (after training)
– Specific care of birds to enhance fitness for release (after training)

Other benefits include:
Membership to exclusive Facebook page & social events.
Registration with DBCA Parks & Wildlife with ARRA’S Rehabilitation Licence.
Interaction with network of other like minded people.

Volunteers who wish to train to work with the raptors are advised to attend a Wildcarers’ Course. They must attend the Basic Raptor Handling Course and Emergency Care Course.



    Interested in becoming a qualified raptor handler?

    At ARRA, we’ve worked hard to develop a variety of courses and programs to equip you with the confidence to capture injured birds safely . Whether you want to improve existing skills or have no prior experience, we have a wide range of courses to best suit your skill-set.

    Check out our Facebook page for regular updates on courses available or contact us today for an further enquiries

    Social Events

    Join us as we host informal socialising events for our ARRA community.

    Follow our Facebook page to stay updated with our latest social events​.


    Interested in being part of our ARRA family ? 

    We conduct workshops to provide individuals interested in joining ARRA first-hand experiences of what our volunteers and staff engage in on a daily basis.

    Currently our workshops are suspended until further notice. Check out our Facebook page or website for future updates.


    Looking for a group of like-minded people committed to the rescue, rehabilitation and release of the birds of prey?

    Take the opportunity to connect with a our ARRA community at our networking events. These events allows you to connect with like-minded individuals committed to providing the highest care to injured and displaced raptors.

    Details of networking events can be found on our Facebook page.